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In the Pier and Beam area of the foundation industry, there are two types of foundations. Those with perimeter grade beams, and those without them.

Pier and Beam Foundations are an alternate solution to slab foundations in the DFW area. They consist of brick, stone or concrete supports along with wooden beams and joists that support the weight of the home, elevated above the ground. Pier and Beam foundations contain a crawl space under the home that allow access to not only the construction of the foundation, but also to plumbing and electrical systems. Pier and Beams are typically older homes, built before the 1960’s.

There are two types of foundations with understructures. Those with a perimeter grade beam (Pier and Beams), and those without them (Block and Base).

When a home has a grade beam, the perimeter can be repaired using Concrete or Steel Pressed piers backed by our Lifetime Transferrable Warranty along with Understructure repairs. With Block and Base Structures, only Understructure repairs can be performed. Understructure work alone retains a One- Year Transferrable Warranty. This warranty covers shimming and wood replacement in the area that the work is completed.

The best method of repairing a Pier and Beam Foundation depends on the extent of damage and repairs required. Common issues with pier and beam foundations include floors buckling, sagging and sloping.

Repairing a Pier and Beam Foundation may require replacement of wood, beams, joists and even subfloor. Reasons for wood replacement can include:

  1. Water Damage
  2. Dry Rot
  3. Twisted or Damaged Beams
  4. Insect Damage, etc.

Re-setting and Re-shimming with steel shims or replacing wood shims with steel shims is also common when repairing Pier and Beam Foundations. Problems as a result of expansive clay soils and moisture can cause settlement and shifting. This may require periodic re-shimming of the home. Re-shimming refers to lifting the floors of a pier and beam house and adding steel shims for support.

In a Pier and Beam Foundation, crawl space ventilation is required to minimize the potential future damage of wood conditions under the home. Wood can become cracked, damaged or rotted due to inadequate ventilation from excess moisture. Vents or fans can be installed to regulate moisture under the home.

(Please refer to maintenance page for more details on maintaining your foundation)

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