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Why Choose Master Builders Remodelers & Guaranteed Foundation Repairs?

When it comes time to repair your home’s foundation, our experienced install team uses the most advanced technology available. Plus, every repair is backed by the industry’s leading warranty.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to fix your home for comfort, or a realtor buying or selling with deadlines, we are determined to make the repair process meet your needs!


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slab repair

Slab Repair

Concrete Pressed Piers are the optimal solution in the DFW area. Steel Piers are another option when repairing a slab foundation for commercial buildings and homes that require a high load bearing support.

pier and beam repairs

Pier & Beam Repairs

We’ll repair cracked, damaged or rotted wood due to inadequate ventilation from excess moisture. We specialize in crawl space ventilation to minimize the potential future damage of wood conditions under the home.

drainage system exposed


We can fix drainage problems of any type. Improper drainage is the main enemy in expansive soil problems. Too much water or not enough, causes the soil to shrink or expand, causing cracks and other damage.

photo of plumbing system for home foundation


A Plumbing test is performed in order to ensure that leaks do not exist after a foundation repair has been completed. We conduct post foundation repair plumbing tests on homes that we repaired.