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Post Foundation Repair Tips

To make repairs last, the property owner must change the conditions that caused the problem. Soil swelling can usually be stopped by cutting off the moisture supply. Plumbing leaks are major causes of soil swelling. If water leaks do occur, they must be repaired immediately to prevent damage to the foundation.

Poor drainage near the foundation is another cause of soil heaving. The owner may have to regrade his lot to make sure rainwater drains away from the foundation. Downspouts for gutters should carry water well away from the foundation and there should be no places where water ponds near the house during rains.

Brick cracks may close, and they may not close. It is our goal to close any brick cracks that exist, but there may be limitations during the lift that can prevent the cracks from closing. Sometimes there is a horizontal shift, and that will rarely come back. Sometimes the grade beam is too weak to lift the amount we would like, and it would cause more damage than good to lift further, and the cracks cannot close.

If you are planning any post foundation repair cosmetic repairs,  please consider waiting 10-14 days for the foundation to settle before beginning any masonry , sheet rock, roofing repairs, or painting.

Post foundation repair tips are similar to the items mentioned in for prevention:

Follow these suggestions to minimize the chance of a re-occurrence of your foundation problem or for new problems developing.


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