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Check Your Plumbing!

As Foundation Repair Specialists, well, we see a lot of foundations. And often enough, the damage we see done isn’t always due to our hot dry Texas summers, but instead is caused by something far stealthier; plain old simple plumbing leaks.
The moisture seeping out from cracked, separated, or broken pipes can cause the soil under your home to expand and create differential pressure which can harm your foundation. Even previous foundation repair work may not be able to protect your home from this type of damage.
It’s also highly possible for you to be completely unaware of an already present destructive leak. You may think that you would notice a leak from a gradual, or even a sudden, rise in your water bill, but that may not always be the case. While a leak in the domestic system (bringing water into your home) may be seen via your water bill, you wouldn’t spot a leak in the sewer system (the system that leaves your home).
The best way to spot a leak in either system is to have a Hydrostatic Plumbing test. With this test, a licensed plumber, such as our friends with Leak Squad, test both the domestic and the sewer systems to look for any loss in pressure. If there is any loss, then the plumber can perform a Leak Isolation test to pinpoint exactly where the leak is.
Are your foundation problems caused in part by a plumbing issue or by dangerous seasonal movement instead? The best way to find out is to have one of our representatives come out to the property to give your home a customized foundation report, directly targeting your home’s specific needs whatever they may be. Call today for a free repair evaluation and we can get your foundation squared away, right away!